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HICO (Hyosung) Electric Motors & Gear Reducers


53 000 329 699

Contact Details

Mr John Creek, Manager, Machinery & HV Motors

Phone: (08) 9485 0633
Fax: (08) 9485 0733

Street Address

Marubeni Australia Ltd.Level 5, BGC Centre28 The Esplanade
Perth WA 6000

Postal Address

GPO Box R1248
Perth WA 6001

Principal Services

HICO Induction Motors and Gear Reducers are made in South Korea by Hyosung Corporation, a major manufacturing group established in 1957. Motors: Hyosung is South Korea's largest motor manufacturer, producing 40,000 units per month up to 15,000kW, 13.2kV. HICO motors are designed in collaboration with Hitachi, Japan and exported worldwide to Japan, USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and now Australia. Gear Reducers: Hyosung is also South Korea's largest maker of gear reducers, in 11 sizes with ratios up to 500:1 and torque ratings up to 40,000Kg-m output. All gear reducers come with a wide array of standard accessories and configurations.

Company Record

Marubeni Australia Ltd has 40 years experience in HV motors as agent of Hitachi since 1965 and recently began representing HICO. Marubeni has supplied over 900 HV motors in Australia, the largest Squirrel-cage being 9,090kW 8P 11KV horizontal and largest Slip-ring 5,250kW 8P 11KV vertical.

Special Techniques

Hyosung Corp has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. Their HICO motors comply with IEC60034, AS1359 and ASME. After-sales service is provided by its engineers and fully-accredited local motor repair facilities Australia wide.


Number of Employees: 2391 employees including 876 engineers     Annual Turnover: $6.1 billion