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Paull and Warner RECEO

RECEO Solutions


78 106 472 164

Contact Details

Mr Tobias Byrne, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Shane Saltmarsh, General Manager

Mr Jeremy Maitland-Smith, Marketing and Design Co-ordinator

Phone: 9467 1786
Fax: 9335 5412

Street Address

24 Jackson St,
Bassendean WA 6054

Postal Address

PO Box 1840
Fremantle WA 6959

Principal Services

Paull & Warner RECEO is an industry leader in providing frontline risk management, training, personnel, equipment, vehicles and consultancy to resource houses and heavy industry support services within Australia and overseas. PWR can assist quality focused operations through the provision of the following services: customised emergency service vehicles, Emergency response equipment, ER and workplace safety training, personnel, emergency management and disaster recovery consultancy; site access / induction development and delivery; security and threat assessment services; workplace risk management systems and training; workplace safety and emergency response training. The company provides clients with effective and efficient business unit protection strategies within its specialty field of safety and emergency management and incorporates innovative, pro-active hazard identification and risk management tools into its operational activities.

Company Record

Some of the PWR's recent clients are: BHP; Minara Resources; Norilsk Nickel; Barrick Gold; Harmony Gold; Modern Industries; Lanfranchi Nickel; Zinifex, Fortescue Metals Group and Mermaid Drilling.

Plant Equipment

PWR constructs and customises its own emergency vehicles and support equipment using Paull & Warners 50 years experience building ambulances, they can provide training facilities at their training facility in Bassendean as well as metro and regional areas within Australia and overseas. The company can mobilise equipment packs and mobile training units and deploy them globally. PWR has invested in world leading access / rescue equipment and mobile training facilities, much of which has been designed and custom built by the company. Its operational resources include: respiratory protection - self contained breathing apparatus, supplied air breathing apparatus, self contained underwater breathing apparatus; line access and rescue; software and full complement of hardware; access and extrication equipment - hydraulic / pneumatic; hazardous material protection - splash, fully encapsulated gas tight and immersion resistant; fire suppression - PPE, hardware and ancillary equipment; specialist vehicles - mobile work platforms for team transport, safety and response capability; training modules - PWR 'Hades' mobile fire trainer, RECEO TrainSafe and TrainSafe Mobile. Transportable training platforms allow PWR and client trainers to deliver realistic workplace scenarios.

Special Techniques

PWR is a risk management enterprise. The core skills of the PWR team are human resources, training and consultancy, delivered within Australia and overseas covering paramedical and clinical management, threat analysis and security, emergency response, risk management and emergency management. PWR has proven itself with repeated operational success in the supply of fully equipped, system based frontline safety and emergency response coverage for construction projects and shutdowns. National Accredited Training Organisation (NATO) via RECEO as RTO No: 51786. FPA Compliant No: 15636. ISO Accreditation: ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 application No: OHS 20465/QEC 24420. ESS accredited company.